Castle Ravenloft Starting Tile

This is a 3D interpretation of the starting tile for the board game Dungeons & Dragons: Castle Ravenloft, a dungeon crawler where the hero party enters a castle inhabited by a vampire called Count Strahd von Zarovich. I made the asset with Tabletop Simulator (Unity) as a target game engine in mind, the rendering here was done using Blender Cycles though.

The “skulls” are an indicator for the game where monsters can spawn. I lazily used Suzanne from Blender for this, also it adds a nice easter egg. 😁

The model itself has 3.836 triangles in its low-poly version, most of the poly budget went into the torches and the Suzanne heads. I also created a simple high-poly variant with some nice bevels for baking in Substance Painter.

Tabletop Simulator Custom Asset Bundle

You can download an Unity 3D Asset Bundle that can be used in the Tabletop Simulator. To import it in the game follow the official guide on the Knowledge Base.

3D Viewer

In-game Screenshots


The fancy particle effect for the fire in the Tabletop Simulator Screenshot has been created by Daniel Friedenberger, kudos to him! Everything else has been done by me.